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a protective ornamental shade used to screen a light bulb from direct view


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The prices of her products start from Dh40 going all the way to Dh6,000 for the lampshade.
Brighten up tall ceilings with a round lantern-style lampshade.
A green lampshade would do as to shape the relaxing mood in the room.
The 23-year-old's invention--which rotates a lampshade mould when fitted to the front wheel of an ordinary bicycle--is designed to involve people in the manufacturing process of their own product, which Colliass says should make it more meaningful to the owner.
Bogaerts tells stories about these characters, such as ragpickers, lampshade vendors, market workers and prostitutes to provide a historically accurate portrait of the city.
01 The Booo Surface Tension lamp, designed by Stockholm-based studio Front Design in a limited edition of 20 pieces, contains an interior mechanism that continuously creates a soap bubble--a "light bulb" that becomes an entirely ephemeral lampshade.
the dark corner and under the lampshade shaped light, smoky with dust.
Changing something as simple as a lampshade can not only take an old lamp base from plain and boring to super stylish, but it can also completely transform an entire room if you get your colour and style choices right.
Inmark's new unique range of Paper lampshade is an amalgamation of India's old age tradition of making paper craft and modern design ideas.
com Designer Clarissa Hulse's Buds lampshade in Midnight/Rainbow is bang on trend with shades of Designer Clarissa Hulse's Buds lampshade in Midnight/Rainbow is bang on trend with shades of iridescent cobalt and pale blue.
Twenty-four hours later I was released from the surgery with three bright buttons sewn in my ear and a white lampshade round my neck.
His concern was a lampshade purchased at a post-Katrina yard sale by a friend of his, Skip Henderson.
Robin Williams and her ex-partner Anthony Hull are asking the High Court to settle the matter after they failed to agree on who should retain the cheese grater, a 5-pound lampshade, net curtains and even some empty paint pots.
The more you see of the Liverpool manager's recruitment policy, however, the more you suspect the Spanish side found him a lampshade because he already had a squad full of tables.
How could making a lampshade a particular way combat Light pollution?