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primitive eellike freshwater or anadromous cyclostome having round sucking mouth with a rasping tongue

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Scientists have known for many years that the lamprey achieves spontaneous recovery from spinal cord injury, but we have not known the molecular recipe that accompanies and supports this remarkable capacity.
Hannah Hicks, ward sister at West 6, said: "We're so grateful to the Lamprey family for helping make this ward more comfortable for our patients and their visitors.
In a 2013 episode of ITV show River Monsters, biologist Jeremy Wade was seen in a lake with a lamprey sucking blood from his neck.
For the estimated 900 Lamprey patients who have benefited from the NHHPP, White said, it has meant the ability to utilize the full extent of primary care programs, with follow-up treatments and prescriptions to potential head off more seriously chronic and costly conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.
The anadromous River Lamprey (Lampetra ayresii) is known to occur in North America from Alaska to central California, generally in association with larger estuarine systems (such as the Fraser River in British Columbia, the Sacramento River in California, and the Columbia River in Washington-Oregon; Vladykov and Follett 1958; Weitkamp and others 2015).
The chestnut lamprey (Ichthyomyzon castaneus) is a parasitic species that occurs throughout much of the central United States.
Two native lamprey species are widely distributed along the west coast of North America: western river lamprey (Lampetra ayresii; formerly river lamprey) and Pacific lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) (Wydowski and Whitney, 2003).
But the away side ensured victory with a try from Lamprey after the Tigers' scrum did the damage.
ROSEBURG - A dam on the North Umpqua River has been modified to make the spawning migration easier for lamprey - a jawless fish that is often mistaken for an eel.
In the 36th minute a third home goal arrived when Broadhurst was allowed far too much room to chip over Reds keeper Rosie Lamprey.
Washington, February 25 ( ANI ): Scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) have identified several genes linked to human neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury, in the sea lamprey, a vertebrate fish.
Sound levels in the river will be monitored to make sure fish including salmon and lamprey aren't disturbed.
This pheromone has been used in lamprey control experiments, where spawning males or the male pheromone are placed in a trap.
The Silver Lamprey, Ichthyomyzon unicuspis Hubbs and Trautman is primarily a northern species that ranges from the Hudson Bay basin of Manitoba, southwestern Ontario and Quebec, Canada, the St.
We postulate that using the GRN approach in the lamprey, as well as in other non-mammalian vertebrates, will allow us to gain a better evolutionary perspective on the mechanisms used by these organisms to regenerate their CNS, providing us with reference mechanisms that can be investigated in other species, such as mammals (Blau and Pomerantz, 2010).