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a work, as a novel or play, that exposes folly by the use of humor or irony

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This is not helped by the dialogue which is non-scriptural lampoonery that has much to say about the sorry state of post-Christendom but strips the Gospel of much of its raw redemptive power.
Ant and Dec puppets celebrate the latex lampoonery series, which sent up famous faces from politics, sport and showbiz.
The sort of political lampoonery found in editorials cartoons is, like other newspaper content, finding new audiences in new media.
We've got Jon Stewart's swift one-liners, The Onion's sometimes brilliant lampoonery, and James Wolcott's scorn-drenched blog.
The celebrated admiral was a popular target for lampoonery because he had only one arm and was having a scandalous affair with Lady Emma Hamilton who was also married.
Increasingly, middle-class men and women identified the practices of polygyny and prostitution with royal-noble men, who were subjected to devastating lampoonery in the local press.