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Synonyms for lampooner

mimics literary or musical style for comic effect

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Great artists, from Shakespeare to Dickens, have gone down in posterity as lampooners of bankers, accountants and the law.
The Carling brothers would highlight anything that was fashionable, becoming the lampooners of their time, but among their favourite images would be actors, sportsmen or great characters of the day.
Satirists, mockers, debunkers, lampooners, impersonators, they all expose as much the beneficial aspect of a discourse as its falseness and bias.
You are perfectly free, of course, to critique that execution, as you have, and you thereby have given Mailer more respect than his lampooners. You and I simply have come to different conclusions about the significance and the quality of execution in Ancient Evenings, and it is time for any reader to think for herself about the matter.
All it served to do was draw the attention of the press and lampooners to what the cap was hiding.