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lighted by a lamp

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It's a local's spot, serving the likes of stuffed avocado overflowing with tiny Oregon bay shrimp, and a creamy, old-fashioned stew made with Willapa Bay oysters, in a cozy, lamplit space.
There'd be fewer lamplit moments of sheer intuitive brilliance in late-night essay writing.
(28) See, for example, "Lamplit Presences" and "Words
* lamplit: the log (i.e., the logarithm) of the amplitude (the amplitude is the maximum altitude minus the minimum altitude) for the last stage ridden by the rider at each race.
Were the I rather like the description of the "exceedingly pretty", lamplit interior being heightened when "the General proceeded to light different coloured limelights".
While the obvious light/dark contrast may be between the lamplit room and the night outside, between the window that could be described as "warm and rosy" (implying both higher temperature and light color) and the "iron quad" (where "iron" suggests both the cold touch of metal and a dark color), Faulkner complicates that simple binary by reminding us of the light/dark contrasts within the room itself.
Author Jeremy Hodges conducted the research into Stevenson's life for his book 'Lamplit, Vicious Fairy Land'.
Britain still then I despair People like me who question the chopping down of the past are always being branded romantic and idealistic - Luddites who never move with the times and long for the days of the pony and trap clip-clopping through lamplit, cobbled streets; thatched cottages; horse-drawn ploughs; high streets bustling with men in bowler hats, women and girls in bonnets, a lively sheep pen, a couple of goats and a cow or two ambling past.
And as he dreamed, night after night at his drawing table, the long and hallucinatory tale of a wayward, unnatural child, Josef Golem, that sacrificed itself to save and redeem the little lamplit world whose safety had been entrusted to it, Joe came to feel that the work- telling this story- was helping to heal him.
And head down the tarred, lamplit streets of Oudtshoorn, with just my passport in a pocket and my yearning for freedom.
But whereas Tuymans's imagery and application have a whispered quality that implies a kind of horror, Housley's lamplit sketches suggest something closer to a mutter--puzzled, unsettled, occasionally amused, wondering out loud (though not very loud) at the ultimately ineffable absurdity of things, and of the drive to represent them.
Her artwork juxtaposes stark winter outdoor scenes against warm, lamplit interiors.
In one minute they would be standing in the middle of the room, surrounded on every side by ladies with quizzical eyes under their high hats, ladies with bags and bracelets, drawing slippery kid gloves over their ringed fingers, and the children must go from one to the other, while voices exclaimed: "How they've grown!" (Would there ever come a day when people would no longer say that?) All these trials were waiting for them behind the closed door, while out here, in the lamplit hall, it was quiet and kind, with only the friendly sound of Kate washing up the tea things in the pantry.
Into this airtight, lamplit world, however, shivers and mist, phantoms and currents.
The other poem in my diptych is by Gjertrud Schnackenberg and is likewise a title poem, from her much acclaimed volume The Lamplit Answer.