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She turned away from him, pulled the hook at last out of the crochet work, and rapidly, with the help of her forefinger, began working loop after loop of the wool that was dazzling white in the lamplight, while the slender wrist moved swiftly, nervously in the embroidered cuff.
She laid her hand on his sleeve, dazzling and white with its rings in the lamplight
As he spoke he smiled,and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory.
This picture comes back to me in the general train--the impression, as I received it on my return, of the wide white panelled space, bright in the lamplight and with its portraits and red carpet, and of the good surprised look of my friend, which immediately told me she had missed me.
At eight o'clock she crossed the room, handed a palm-leaf fan to her aunt Miranda, ostensibly that she might shade her eyes from the lamplight; but it was a piece of strategy that gave her an opportunity to whisper, "How about cookies?"
The shrouded lamplight just showed her the green shade over Miss Letitia s eyes--the hollow cheeks below it--the arms laid helplessly on the bed-clothes.
Night came; the laborers were dismissed; Benjamin and his two colleagues worked on by lamplight. The morsels of paper were now turned up by dozens, instead of by ones and twos.
In the lamplight her figure, slim and strong, looked like the figure of the boy in the presence of the Christ on the leaded window.
The first shone at Westminster Abbey, fired by a flame from the Lamplight of Peace.
Experience Homestead Prairie Farm by candlelight and lamplight during this special open house, held one night each year.
LAMPLIGHT IS KEY Soft lighting is an essential feature in a room where you need to relax.
AILSA FRENCH carried the flag for North Road Gym ABC on their home show at the Stanley Lamplight Centre - taking a split decision against Carlisle Villa's Broadie Stephenson.
Holmeside Coffee, set up by members of local band Lilliput, has now launched the non-profit Lamplight Film Club where movie buffs can get together once a month to watch and chat about quality films.
when you go off to work when you are asleep in lamplight when
SPECIAL lamplight tours of Liverpool's Croxteth Hall take place next week.