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a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

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The professional theatre's pigments were cheaper and more accessible than burnt ivory, made of charcoal, lampblack, coal, and cork added to bases of animal fats, grease, tallow, water, and egg white.
Stewart realizes that the lampblack surface within the enclosure is essential" [4, p.
44) The putative lampblack factory was protected by a twelve-foot-high fence and armed
These include her lampblack series as exampled by (Fig.
When the landfill operated, the EPA said, it took in industrial waste including used oil, solvents, scrap paint, lampblack, electrical transformers, brake grindings--including asbestos--and sewage.
Victorian women made their own mascara to enhance their lashes from ash or lampblack, heated with elderberry juice.
The Chitrakars make their own ink, with lampblack as the primary constituent.
They all had little mustaches drawn on with lampblack and they greeted me with a deafening 'Heil Hitler
They bought poster colours but continued to use the more long-lasting natural colours like lampblack or those ground from seeds, leaves, and vegetables.
In Suhi rag above, although lampblack touches the eye, one must remain untouched by it, niranjanu, free from taint; use it to help truly see while simultaneously seeing through it, and by so doing perform "true" disciplined meditation or yoga whose end result is to free oneself of the fetters that bind one to the wheel of transmigration.
Geyser recommended rubbing lampblack onto patients' (presumed white) skin or employing exceptionally "bright light" to better illuminate the "patulous orifices of the follicles.
Were Faraday to give his lecture today, he would undoubtedly point out the use of lampblack to reinforce the strength of rubber in tires, and he would discuss the role of combustion products in the "greenhouse effect.
2] (alumina-rich surface) and commercial grade colorants phthalo blue, lampblack, and red iron oxide.
Aldridge possessed for the assumption of one of the finest parts that was ever imagined by Shakspeare, except, indeed, that he could play it in his own native hue, without the aid of lampblack or pomatum .
The outline of the engraving was emphasised using black ink, tar, soot and lampblack.