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a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

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44) The putative lampblack factory was protected by a twelve-foot-high fence and armed
Were Faraday to give his lecture today, he would undoubtedly point out the use of lampblack to reinforce the strength of rubber in tires, and he would discuss the role of combustion products in the "greenhouse effect.
2] (alumina-rich surface) and commercial grade colorants phthalo blue, lampblack, and red iron oxide.
Aldridge possessed for the assumption of one of the finest parts that was ever imagined by Shakspeare, except, indeed, that he could play it in his own native hue, without the aid of lampblack or pomatum .
The outline of the engraving was emphasised using black ink, tar, soot and lampblack.
While maintaining that black-masking represented "simple disguise," merely an "impulse to conceal," since "easily available domestic materials like soot, lampblack, or charcoal" were "all matt monotone black which blanks out the features," (66) such arguments fail to pursue the consequences of such thinking.
At the field's base crouched the wall of train, a lampblack silhouette, a driverless freight.
Lampblack & Ash is an emotionally engaging collection of metaphorically intense poetry by Simone Muench delving deep into the intricacies of the poet's ever resplendent mind.
the gas in the secret lampblack factory constituted waste of the common
Using brush, lampblack and water I found I could live my dreams through art.
SEM x-ray spectra suggest the latter is zinc oxide; the diameter of the black particles was 260 nm, a figure suggesting MT type black rather than lampblack (diameter 120 nm) as in the MRPRA recommended formulation.
Viva Orosco: It has been 12 years since relief pitcher Jesse Orosco put lampblack in Kirk Gibson's hat before a spring training game, a prank that helped focus the Dodgers and touch off their miraculous run to a World Series title.
When the city replaced the sidewalk fronting his shop, he gave the contractor a can of lampblack to mix into the concrete.
Carbon black may be produced by several methods, including the lampblack, channel black, thermal black, and acetylene processes.