lamp oil

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a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters

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Multiple organ failure following lamp oil aspiration.
A second category of potentially deadly substances is aliphatic hydrocarbons--oil of citronella insect repellant, lamp oil, hair oil, gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, and the like--which can cause aspiration pneumonitis.
During this time, lamp oil enters the lice spiracles of the lice and suffocates them while also dissolving the glue which attaches the eggs to hairs.
Not only was flaxseed a staple in the diets of both humans and livestock for thousands of years, the blue-flowering plant also served as a source of clothing and lamp oil.
Marshall emphasizes that toxic waste is not always the ominous concoction suggested by the skull and crossbones markings of its containers; it can be as seemingly benign as old lamp oil that Pottery Barn needs to dispose of or ink from a Hallmark card printing plant.
Fill the bionic bug's head with citronella lamp oil, light the wick, and watch all attackers turn and flee for their lives.
The officer did not know that the resident was hearing impaired, suicidal, and had doused the apartment and himself with lamp oil.
Fifty years ago, most people travelled by train, were likely to die before 60 and put rabbits and lamp oil on their shopping lists.
This report describes the poisonings of four children who were admitted to a regional referral medical center in Columbus, Ohio, during a 2-week period in August 1997; these children developed serious pulmonary complications after ingesting household lamp oil.
Lay in enough candles, lamp oil, and firemakers, dry and canned food, paper products, bottled water, and radio batteries for two weeks or more of no power and possible isolation due to winter storms.
Next, whales were slaughtered for lamp oil and ladies' corsets.
Some yield cooking or salad oil, medicinal oils, lamp oil and oil used in religious services.
The lamp is filled with 150 ml of standard lamp oil -- which is in the form of liquid paraffin approved by civil aviation authorities -- and needs to be refilled every 24 hours.
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