lamp house

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housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)

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The results can be extended to metal organic chemical vapor deposition and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, in addition to plasma etching, Lamp house heating, and other applications.
As they do with all of their technology, Barco has approached the laser lamp house design to be fully modular so that all of their current 4K projectors may be upgraded simply and easily.
Thanks to Barco cinema projectors renowned modular design, exhibitors can replace their current lamp house with a compact laser phosphor module via an on-site upgrade.
It dates to around 1600 though was originally knownas The Lamp House for the large gas street light that used to stand outside.
This unit, which uses high-energy mercury-arc lamps as a light source, can be returned to like-new performance specifications with appropriate optical, UV lamp house and electrical system upgrades.
Tenders are invited for Lamp house HAL 100 illuminator with collector 423000-9901-000, Heat Protection filter 467830-0000-00, White Balance Filter-000000-1155-789
This project will produce a power supply and lamp house for a flash solar simulation system, which will have the same performance as current simulators, with significantly lower cost than existing commercial systems.
A unique laser phosphor retrofit module allows exhibitors who already own a Barco cinema projector to easily replace the lamp house with a laser phosphor module.
In this way, rental customers and venue owners can easily retrofit their existing Barco HDF-W30 FLEX projector by replacing the lamp house with a laser phosphor module.
Theater owners can easily retrofit their existing Barco DP2K-15C and DP2K-20C projectors by replacing the lamp house with a laser-phosphor module.