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surgical removal of the bony arches on one or more vertebrae

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In addition to exercise therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and education were used in two trials.10,12 All the surgeries were decompressive laminectomies. ODI was used as outcome measurement in all the 3 trials, physical function of SF-36 was used in two trials.9,12 All the trials reported side effects.
The incidence of postoperative instability in thoracolumbar spine can involve up to 25% of patients receiving two or more levels of laminectomies [27] and postoperative deformity affects 9.4% of patients undergoing laminectomy compared to 3% of laminotomy patients [28].
Posterior en bloc laminectomies with pedicle screw fixations were performed in all cases.
To date, this is the first reported case of the surgical management of a holocord epidural abscess (extending 20 vertebral levels) through level-skipping laminectomies. It is also the first reported case of these laminectomies being performed via an alternating-side unilateral approach for this condition.
After full insertion of the screws, laminectomies were performed to see whether there was any violation of the medial pedicle wall.
In one study out of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, silver-impregnated dressings outperformed gauze dressings in a group of patients undergoing laminectomies. The Silverlon dressings reduced both postoperative deep and superficial infections.
The cord is secondarily tethered, the filum terminale is thickened (>2 mm) and there is evidence of previous wide laminectomies at L2/3.