laminated glass

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glass made with plates of plastic or resin or other material between two sheets of glass to prevent shattering

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In addition to offering laminated glass, manufacturers are making adjustments of varying degrees to their premium window and patio door lines.
Courthouses and other secure government facilities have been including laminated glass in their window specifications.
"Specifying laminated glass has traditionally been considered an extraordinary measure," Massa states.
"In adding this state-of the-art machine to our equipment line-up, Lumiglass increases its laminated glass capacity by almost 100 per cent at a stroke," said Sultan Al Zarif, general manager of Lumiglass Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of laminated safety glass in the Middle East.
The LED-Glass, on the other hand, is a decorative laminated glass for external and internal applications in buildings, where the glass itself is internally illuminated by means of LEDs (extremely low-current light emitting diodes) wirelessly embedded in the PVB interlayer and linked into a circuit by means of an invisible clear conductive coating.
IF you're buying a new car, it might be well worth considering that specifying laminated glass for the side windows can cut the penetration of harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays by up to 95 per cent.
Would the fitting of laminated glass in cars be a good idea to thwart thieves?
These include new window breakers, laminated glass' emergency lighting, new ergonomic seats and tables, improved carriage structure and a safe, accessible design.
For this waterfront home in Long Island, Rose Fence, Inc., a fabricator for Kroy Building Products, installed a custom-designed Kroy vinyl railing system with laminated glass inserts.
It says stealing items from cars is still too easy and suggests the introduction of laminated glass for all windows would act as a deterrent to thieves.
The laminated glass, which can take the weight of five baby elephants, was made by glass giant Pilkington and will be regularly monitored by engineers.