laminar flow

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nonturbulent streamline flow in parallel layers (laminae)

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3) At Reynolds number 1190, the dye trace shows the start of transition to turbulent flow but there remains a sheath of laminar flow around the turbulent center.
Thanks to its unique supersonic natural laminar flow wing, the aircraft achieves long range and efficiency at supersonic and subsonic speeds.
In order to determine the difference between closed and laminar flow type, a solid model of the laminar flow type incubator was modeled.
Kays, "Numerical solutions for laminar flow heat transfer in circular tubes," Transactions of the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, vol.
The study laminar flow of an incompressible viscous fluid between two parallel porous plates with bottom injection and top suction at walls and uniform cross flow velocity is considered.
3404869) designed for laminar flow processes such as blending a minor component into a viscous stream.
Flextraction, specialists in the dust and fume extraction industry, have introduced a Laminar Flow Booth to their extensive range of products and offer a modular unit in 2, 4 or 6m widths.
OThe numerous insects that encounter the front portions of the wings hinder the development of large laminar-flow, low-friction areas on the wing, rendering the effort to save fuel by using laminar flow ineffective,O Dominic Glos.
The cleanroom corresponds to ISO cleanliness grade 8 and is operated according to the laminar flow principle.
It is lightweight, well-balanced, and ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand, allowing for fatigue-free pipetting at an angle ideal for use within laminar flow cabinets.
Laminar flow separates easily, so flow separates here, close to the wing.
The deduction of the critical flow velocity and region of entire laminar flow velocity were useful for latent-heat transportation applications.
Compact in design, the stand interfaces seamlessly with the assembly inside of a laminar flow hood to facilitate aseptic fluid transfer.