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Synonyms for lamina

a thin outer covering of an object

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a thin plate or layer (especially of bone or mineral)

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8 m long, basally 2-pinnate to 2-pinnate-pinnatisect, medially 1-pinnate-pinnatisect; lamina rachises pubescent abaxially; basal pinnae 8.
Para os outros tratamentos, o retorno dos investimentos em lamina de irrigacao e doses de sulfato de amonio seria inviavel, no horizonte de planejamento apresentado.
Styled to James's specifications, Stellar lamina pans feature Lamina technology O - a tri-metal construction that allows heat to spread quickly and evenly to every part of the pan body, not just the base.
He successfully groomed and relaunched the Lamina brand, spearheading a string of industry partnerships and introducing a newline of highly successful LED products.
Nuclear membrane, along with nuclear lamina on its inner periphery, constitutes the nuclear envelope (NE).
We previously demonstrated SSeCKS immunolabeling in primary afferent terminals in lamina II of the rat spinal cord as well as within approximately 40% of small-diameter primary sensory neuron perikarya.
Research Triangle Park, NC), a worldwide leader in drug development based on basal lamina research, and DakoCytomation A/S (Glostrup, Denmark), a worldwide leader in cancer diagnostic testing, have signed an agreement according to which DakoCytomation is granted a license to develop and commercialize diagnostic applications of the monoclonal antibody, MetaStain, which has demonstrated the potential to identify invasive epithelial cancers.
Fleury--Centers for Diagnostic Medicine, Sao Paulo, Brazil; ([dagger]) Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil; ([double dagger]) Oswaldo Cruz Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil; ([section]) Albert Einstein Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil; ([paragraph]) Sirio Libanes Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil; (#) Servidores do Estado Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; ** Alianga Hospital, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil; ([dagger]) ([dagger]) Lamina Laboratory, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; ([double dagger]) ([double dagger]) Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lamina Ceramics, Inc (Princeton, NJ), which employs proprietary technology to bond unfired ceramic to metal for use in communications and electronic components and packaging, has obtained $12 million in venture capital funding from Morgenthaler (Menlo Park, CA), a national venture capital firm, as well as from a major communications systems vendor.
A large ligament often involved in spinal stenosis is the ligamentum flavum, which runs as a continuous band from lamina to lamina in the spine.
Materials include P-20 tool steel; cast aluminum; 6061, 7075 and QC-7 aluminum plate; beryllium-copper; and lamina bronze.
After three to four weeks, a complete basal lamina -- a layer of specially arranged cells -- is formed between the epidermis and dermis.
With a single button press, users can combine core plug data and SBED models into a realistic simulation of lamina properties for input into reservoir models and reservoir simulators.
The details of how excitation flows in a column, how inhibition arises in different lamina to balance excitation, and how excitation and inhibition interact along the dendrite of pyramidal neurons especially in vivo -- are not known.
Both differ from Megalastrum by creeping rhizomes, green lamina margins thickened and decurrent onto the axis of the next lowest order.