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Synonyms for lamenting

vocally expressing grief or sorrow or resembling such expression

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And blowing his eyes upon his handkerchief, he walked away lamenting.
It is my fate to leave it in the evening; but those who are taken away earlier have only lost a few hours, at the best little worth lamenting, and much oftener hours of labour and fatigue, of pain and sorrow.
Yet nearer, and there began to come to our ears a great sound of mourning, the people on board and those on the shore crying and lamenting one to another so as to pierce the heart.
On this occasion, women were lamenting the transposition of the ancient bodies from their resting place on the West bank of Luxor to an unknown destination just as in the context of contemporary belief, laments would have been required to accompany the deceased on their dangerous journey to the afterlife.
In its various manifestations, lamenting offers opportunities for intercultural comparative research, allowing for a hypothetical modelling of death-related views and tenets that have survived till our days only in fragmentary form.
40) Here Augustine confronts the mysterious and perplexing reality of the church, and by reflecting on the psalms of lament, he "actively appropriates for the church the groans which resound throughout the Psalter and indicates that, by lamenting with the Psalmist and reflecting deeply and continually on that affect, the church comes to learn what it is, comes to be what it is.
Through all of these essays runs the explicit or implicit suggestion that the purpose behind these laments is to encourage audience identification, and at times over-identification, with those who are lamenting.
Bizarrely a spokesmen is lamenting the fact that modern man's "sedentary" lifestyle has forced them to stock 64" waist and 60" chest suits.
They cover lament and the phenomenon of suffering, the assault of lament on systematic thought, lamenting for God's sake, and lamenting in Christ.
This inattention imposes a grievous, even if uncounted, cost: where lament is precluded or censored, so are lamenting people.
From the lamenting women to the visitation of the dead, Richard III suggests a very medieval continuity between the living and the dead.
It was then that the words spoken through Prophet Jeremiah were fulfilled: 'A voice was heard in Ramah sobbing and loudly lamenting.
Award-winning playwright, novelist and poet Shange (for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf, Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo: A Novel) and ubiquitous tenor sax legend David Murray (World Saxophone Quartet) revisit their collaborations and friendship of the past 30 years in poems covering everything from lamenting meditations on love ("These Kisses Are Fine") to a whirlwind musical blood memorization ("Third Generation Geechee Myth For John Purcell") that capture the energy of their recent live performances.
Mary Beth Martina, lamenting the possibility that Bishop Thomas Rodi of Biloxi may close her child's Hurricane Katrina-ravaged school (Chicago Tribune, Jan.
In fact, he absolutely fell apart in the clutch, lamenting his missing ``aura.