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Synonyms for lamenting

vocally expressing grief or sorrow or resembling such expression

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Even though there is no definitive evidence that the Sumerian City Laments had reached the Israelites at the time before the composition of the Book of Lamentations, it can be argued that there were common cultural grounds or influences when it came to general lamenting traditions, pointing towards indirect influence.
A good example of such polyphony of the lament text is a lamenting session recorded by myself at a North (Onega) Vepsian cemetery in 2005 (village Yashezero, see Arukask & Lashmanova 2009).
The church's ministry of pastoral care frequently involves attending to lamenting people.
We know that many women who have had abortions are in trauma and today lamenting the loss of their children.
Anglican Bishop Jonathan Gledhill of Lichfield, England, lamenting the policies of his own British and other Western governments in the War on Terror (BBC News, Jan.
From the viewpoint of ritual lament, the sisters' continual lamenting would have been efficacious, for their voices would have assisted the soul's journey, while providing cathartic relief for the community.
I might as well have been lamenting the loss of supply chain infrastructure for leather suitable in the production of buggy whips.
Many dinners were spent lamenting on his various acts of big-headedness.
MacMillan will conduct two performances of Lamenting with Ariadne, which it commissioned from MacMillan's fellow Scot Thea Musgrave three years ago.
the group affirms the her life struggle and the situation the lamenting woman is in now.
Wade in January evoked the usual rhetoric from the usual suspects: anti-abortion activists lamenting the slaughter of fetuses, feminists lamenting the threat to women's rights, cautious language from the president about respect for life.
Venus's lament shared its pages with Dido's lament transcribed from Ovid, a deploration for Lucretia, Medea's song of abandonment, the song of Susanna, and myriad songs in the voices of anonymous French women lamenting bad fortune in life and love entitled "complainte," "deploration," "les regrets," or "lamentation.
The lament Psalms are generally vague in their reference to concrete historical situations, but Rastas are correct in contending that Psalm 137 locates the lamenting community on the banks of the rivers of Babylon.
I find it far simpler and more convincing to suppose that such a uniformity of language and imagery is indicative of the existence of an internalized and Israelized--if not "native"--tradition for lamenting destroyed cities, what I would call city laments.
However, the image of Cleina lamenting at the tomb, that is, in a public space, evokes a tradition of lament in which women's prominent roles in lamenting the dead both r eflect and reinforce realms of experience exclusive to women.