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a person who is feeling grief (as grieving over someone who has died)

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323 BC) and transcribed from the hieroglyphics by Egyptologist Luddeckens in 1943, the lamenter bewails her fate in the same vein, using the house destruction motif as her central theme:
The relatives have rather been known to see to it that the lamenter does not strain her senses too much, cautioning her or holding her back in situations appearing more critical.
But the struggle with the threefold power relation of lamenter, God, and the others is clearly in evidence.
Aside from Frank Meyer, himself a former high-ranking American communist who plumped for a unifying "fusionism" to bridge the gaps between traditionalists and libertarians, not much in the way of even libertarian sympathies dwelled among the early National Review team of Burnham, Whittaker Chambers (another former Communist and lamenter of Western decline, most famous for fingering Alger Hiss as a fellow spy for the Russians), Willmoore Kendall (a Yale political science professor of Buckley's), and Russell Kirk (the supertraditionalist author of 1953's The Conservative Mind).
As the N-Town Lazarus demonstrates, the denounced and excessive female lamenter performs important cultural work.
Et le maudit Taupe de lamenter son "Ernestine, Ernestine, disparue
What of that great lamenter, Jeremiah, who was as much tormentor as tormented?
Et d'ajouter : [beaucoup moins que] Certes, le nul concede at home face au Cameroun est difficile a digerer, mais il n'y a pas lieu de se lamenter.
Des clubs ont fait de bonnes affaires mais d'autres peuvent se lamenter sur leur sort.
Or la femme du grand ecrivain ne se contente pas de se lamenter sur son sort aupres de ses amies intimes.
Ironies and turnarounds are the meat of this delicate folkie cure clumsy rocker, Reagan lover cum Bush basher, mocker of welfare mothers (they "make better lovers") and lamenter of the plight of the homeless, a man who gets angry over Kent State and wistful over Montezuma, writer of the git-r-done post-Flight 93 "Let's Roll" (which advises, in phrases that could have come straight from a Bush foreign policy powwow: "No time for indecision/We got to make a move .
Lorsque je contemplais tous ces monuments, il me semblait que je devrais me lamenter le fait que des hommes fort courageux, qui avaient vecu a une epoque ou la liberte etait a son comble et ou ils avaient toujours repousse les attaques brutales de tous leurs voisins, soient tombes aujourd'hui, apres leur mort, au pouvoir de leurs ennemis et dans la servitude, et que ces hommes, qui avaient ete ensevelis dans un pays qui leur appartenait, dorment maintenant dans une terre etrangere, comme si l'on avait deterre leurs cendres .
The queer, dislocated, ironic focus in this passage narrows on the lamenter Orpheus and his act of creation, and Eurydice is only reflected in his song.
Maintenant, ca ne sert a rien de se lamenter, il faut se ressaisir vite et bien, a commencer par la prochaine sortie des Verts face au Nigeria.
Si, aujourd'hui, la CAF pourrait se lamenter de la non organisation de la CAN par un grand pays comme le Maroc, ce dernier l'est aussi.