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mourned or grieved for

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SIDON, Lebanon: Future MP Bahia Hariri lamented the presidential vacuum over the weekend but expressed hope that the Lebanese will overcome this ordeal and build an independent and functioning state.
Frisch also lamented the glossing over of complication rates and showed slides of botched circumcisions.
The Greenpeace official also lamented the problem of undocumented fishing which, he said, is worth US$500 million every year.
Under a front-page headline "Murder most fowl", The Star newspaper lamented the demise of the "plucky black hen" as a cruel reflection of society in South Africa, one of the world's most violent and crime-ridden countries.
Shortly after the Walkman was released in 1979, one history professor lamented that it was a menace that called "into existence still one more competitor to the voice of God.
After several days of fishing all of the old haunts and holes with limited success, and after listening to many fish stories from bygone trips, a less-than-impressed son-in-law lamented, "You're fishing memories
3 -- color) Figure skater Johnny Weir lamented his missing ``aura'' after finishing fifth.
That the former's death was mourned as the loss of a "tireless creator" by French President Jacques Chirac and the latter's passing was lamented by the venerable office of the minister of culture not only suggests the artists' centrality to French art after World War II, but perhaps also delineates the limits of their work's critical impact on the institutions of postwar society.
While vacationers lamented the loss of the tea dance, town locals saw the sale as another sign that Provincetown risks becoming an overpriced vacation spot for the rich.
While most tree-harvesters simply dispensed with infected trees and lamented the loss of timber, Chris Last of the Royal Oak's Parks & Forestry Division decided to redeem the pest's handiwork .
One point, however: Vonnegut lamented a present lack of socialist parties and candidates to receive his vote.
GIN: The Much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva by Patrick Dillon Norton & Co.
Nostalgically recalling San Francisco in the 1970s, when the effects of a night of homosexual indulgence "could be undone by a good night's rest and maybe a visit to the clap clinic," Sheppard lamented that with the advent of AIDS, "the Edenic orgy came crashing down, straight into a swamp of viral death.
Let me begin with three of Anyte's four epitaphs for young unmarried women, whose deaths are lamented either through the voice of the speaker or through the voice of the deceased girl's mother.
Mitchell deplored the "acrimonious controversy that generates more heat than light," and lamented the "numerous onslaughts upon textbooks by groups that have condemned brief passages isolated from their contexts .