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Synonyms for lamentation

Synonyms for lamentation

a cry of sorrow and grief

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the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief

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Merely citing a dictionary entry, Jaques attempts to explain that both the action of wailing and lamentation as a literary genre are the main subject matter of the articles in this volume.
The Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur contains 11 kirugus (chapters), each dealing with a somewhat separate theme within the story of the destruction, adding up to a total of 436 lines.
The project, Lamentation Variations, began in 2007 as a way to commemorate September 11.
The Sunday Mirror has teamed up with blinkbox Books to imagine how the thrilling plot of CJ Samson's bestselling novel Lamentation might be told as a news report in our paper.
them," and in this respect, Joe Clifford's novel Lamentation succeeds admirably.
Each day of the Lamentations opens with the words "Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae prophetae" (Here begins the Lamentation of Jeremiah the Prophet), independently set are the Hebrew letters starting the individual verses, and each Lamentation ends with the exclamation "Jerusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum" (Jerusalem, return unto the Lord thy God).
Friday's concert, titled "Liturgy and Lamentation" and conducted by David Trendell of King's College London, includes some of Byrd's English anthems from "The Tears or Lamentations of a Sorrowful Soul," by William Leighton as well as Latin pieces for the "Feast of Easter" from Byrd's 1607 "Gradualia.
The painting, which Uzbek experts say is one of several versions Veronese painted portraying the lamentation after Christ's descent from the cross, has gone on display at the Uzbek State Arts Museum.
Funerary lamentation known as cidid has been the socially sanctioned mode for the expression of grief by women at funerals in Upper Egypt for millennia.
He also threw a lamentation party on the occasion of Imam Hussein' s 40th day.
the man which have affliction seene': Donne, Jeremiah, and the Fashioning of Lamentation.
Lamentation Walloo" calls for a stop to lamentations and tells the story of an Israeli-Palestinian friendship between children.
In his Lamentation over the Dead Christ, Kehinde Wiley tells us something different.
Structuring her work less on individual poets than on interlocking issues of genre (psalm, lyric, lamentation, elegy, prayer, as they play out in contemporary esthetics) and gender (looking at ancient and modern configurations of masculinity and femininity), Shreiber makes an amazing and persuasive case not only for seeing "exile and alienation" as crucial marks of the Jewish poem, hence the book's title taken from the 137th psalm, but for connecting this motif with "the emergence of the Shekhinah as a shaping esthetic force" speaking to and for "a culture in flux" (p.