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Synonyms for lamentably

in an unfortunate or deplorable manner

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At Stevie's appearance she groaned lamentably, having observed that he could be induced easily to bestow for the benefit of her infant children the shilling his sister Winnie presented him with from time to time.
The other, raising and setting down his lamentably shod feet with exact deliberation, protested in a low tone that it was not necessary for everybody to belong to an organization.
The nobility and gentry, and public in general, for whose accommodation these tenements were designed, lay, here and there, in baskets, staring straight up at the ceiling; but, in denoting their degrees in society, and confining them to their respective stations (which experience shows to be lamentably difficult in real life), the makers of these Dolls had far improved on Nature, who is often froward and perverse; for, they, not resting on such arbitrary marks as satin, cotton-print, and bits of rag, had superadded striking personal differences which allowed of no mistake.
Mr Devane said: "Though we can celebrate increasing median survival times for some cancers such as breast and colon cancers, there has been lamentably poor progress made for lung and pancreatic cancer.
However,because of lamentably inadequate publicity it has failed to promote itself to the extent that many in Wales and most in England and abroad remain unaware of its presence.
Finally, and most lamentably of all, we continue to be entertained, as it were, by the row over the new National Assembly building for Wales.
Although we can celebrate increasing median survival times for breast and colon cancers, there has been lamentably poor progress made for lung and pancreatic cancer.
There are also lamentably few female pop and rock recipients of such gongs.
He was talking about the Eurovision Song Contest, in which the UK performed lamentably yet again.
Edward Heath's government got completely wrong its reform of local government in 1974, and Margaret Thatcher did us all a favour by getting rid of the metropolitan county authorities in 1986, but stopped lamentably short of rdding us of is metropolitan boroughs.
People who are different, alone, old or vulnerable are being selected for persecution and its a phenomenon this Government has disgracefully and lamentably failed to address.
Your standards on that day fell lamentably short of what was expected of a public service school bus driver.
The amount of money being put into this is lamentably small.
But the police and courts must also take burglaries seriously, and set about improving the lamentably low conviction rates.
Why those schmaltzy, ain't England a quaint little place, bitter-sweet "comedies" full of clubbable characters played by garotteable actors are so lamentably po-faced.