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any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungus


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a thin membrane that is one of the calcified layers that form bones

thin plate

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If the posterior lamella of the eyelid is involved in a full-thickness eyelid injury but can be re-approximated without undue tension, it is repaired directly.
The ability to properly prepare the thin lamella samples, while at the same time maintaining the necessary temperature, vacuum and transfer conditions, has been a significant challenge for researchers.
The low-density particles are held in the slurry suspension and migrate to the lamella section of the Reflux classifier.
Porokeratosis, porokeratosis palmaris et plantaris disseminata, cornoid lamella.
The tarsoconjunctival flap was marked on the lateral, posterior eyelid lamella 3-4 mm superior to the eyelid margin.
This point was determined by drawing lines along the edge of each lamella from the shoulder (P1) to the suture (Fig.
The secondary lamella is covered by a squamous epithelium that generally shows a thickness of one or two cell layers.
A high-rate lamella sedimentation process is subsequently employed to remove the solids from the water.
2c) by Zunino (1972) in order to stress its intimate connection with the copulatory lamella.
The lateral lamella of the middle turbinate was resected, and bilateral middle meatus antrostomies were done.
ExSolve can prepare site-specific TEM lamella, sampling many sites per wafer in a fully-automated process inside the fab, giving semiconductor manufacturers much more information than conventional approaches, while at the same time reducing the capital cost of sample preparation by up to 70 percent.
Both model lines of the Coupe and Cabriolet have a revised front end appearance with new partial LED headlamps comprising a single headlamp lens, and the single Lamella Sport grille.
Cornoid lamella, a histopathological marker, results from abnormal proliferation of keratinocytes.
The next is building upon the A 180, the SE model, which starts from Au20,125, offers the distinctive two lamella grille in the vehicle body colour, comfort suspension, 16" 10-spoke alloy wheels; sports seats in a fabric and ARTICO stripe design, Nappa leather steering wheel, fabric trim parts with stylish contrast stitching and Audio 20.