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the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet

the craniometric point at the junction of the sagittal and lamboid sutures of the skull

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Additionally, Lambda is well tolerated in the majority of patients through week 24.
For the selection we asked several keywords, such as: lambda calculus, functional programming, etc.;
"This confusion has been compounded by (Delta Lambda Psi's) use of DLP to identify itself on Twitter, MySpace and in its founding documents," the complaint alleges, saying continued such use is likely to cause continued "confusion, mistake and deception."
They ate predicative remarks like 'T[lambda]Hd' and 'F[lambda]Hd', with 'T' and 'F' 'is true', and 'is false', where the lambda expressions obey the propositional truth schema: T[lambda]p [equivalent to] p.
Since there's no way to study extreme conditions on Earth, researchers have looked for other ways to get lambdas together.
Moggi's monad translation (here written *) takes the computational lambda calculus [Lambda.sub.c] (the source) into the metalanguage [] (the target).
"We started this as an engaging way to tell straight people that we understand the problems they face in their relationships, because our families face them every day too," said Michael Adams, Lambda's director of education and public affairs.
Beatrice Dohrn leaves Lambda Legal Defense after almost eight years
Since d/d[lambda] [sigma]([lambda]) = V(lambda), [lambda] [greater than or equal to] 0, where
"We have a bit more flair and camp, says David West, national trustee for Delta Lambda Phi, explaining how the nation's only gay fraternity differs from fellow Greeks.