lamb chop

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chop cut from a lamb

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For more lamb chop grilling tips and recipe inspiration, visit AmericanLamb.
You know what, it's much better to eat a lamb chop like this, than to have to cut it.
For a span of five months, the lamb chop disappeared.
Star batsman relishes his favourite seafood and lamb chops for a healthy meal in Dhaka
When Mallory's mother died in 1998, Lamb Chop retired--for a while.
But at the Lakeside tonight, the only question that matters is whether the flying Dutchman can make mincemeat of Lamb Chop.
He is nicknamed Lamb Chop on the darts circuit for no other reason than that he comes from Wales.
And for dinner she would eat some lean meat, either a lamb chop, chicken or roast beef, with a potato 'any way but fried' and vegetables.
Magoo, Richie Rich, Peter Cottontail, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Lone Ranger, Lassie, Underdog, Little Lulu, pat the bunny and Lamb Chop.
Aphrodite's repast begins with the ``flirtation'' course of ``nude'' Yaquina Bay oysters, then the ``infatuation'' course of a Colorado lamb chop with truffled risotto; a ``courtship'' course of basil and kumquat vapor with cucumber sorbet; a ``romance'' course of three options: caramelized halibut, bone-in cowboy steak or semi-boneless chicken; and a ``passion'' chocolate dessert ending.
With a sharp knife, cut a horizontal 1 1/2-inch-wide pocket in each lamb chop, from meaty side to the bone; set chops aside.
Consequently, it adds to its menu of mostly egg and pancake specialties, salads, sandwiches and pastas, an ``after-5'' listing of eight entrees that include a respectable grilled lamb chop plate ($23.
This holiday season, children and adults alike will enjoy one of Target's tributes to "It's a Wonderful Life," a Baby Lamb Chop plush toy decked out as an angel with detachable, silver wings and a permanent halo.
Media Station is privileged to have the opportunity to work with Shari Lewis and Philips Media to create Media Station's first interactive title with wholly original artwork, and to animate Lamb Chop for the first time ever.