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common weedy European plant introduced into North America

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I contacted my colleagues back on the farm, to suggest that it might be time to try marketing chickweed and lamb's-quarters again.
Lamb's-quarters is a very common plant in gardens, despised because if allowed to go to seed, it will carpet the ground with new plants.
Note: Some books refer to lamb's-quarters and pigweed as the same plant.
You can eat the entire aboveground part of lamb's-quarters (leaves, stems and even seeds).
1 tbsp butter or ghee 2 cloves garlic, minced 6 button mushrooms, sliced 2 large handfuls tender tops of lamb's-quarters, washed Salt and pepper, to taste Melt butter or ghee in a hot skillet.
Lamb's-quarters leaves are a source of ascaridole, an oil used to treat for round worms and hook worms.
When spinach was introduced from Asia in the 16th century, lamb's-quarters became a "weed."
Primary Sources: Sunflower seeds (3.3 mg), kidney bean sprouts, mushrooms, millet, DGLVs (collards = .38 mg, broccoli = .31 mg), dried beans and peas, amaranth and lamb's-quarters.
Calcium levels are also high in spinach, chard, sorrel, beet greens, lamb's-quarters, parsley, rhubarb and wheat bran, but calcium is poorly utilized in these foods because of their high oxalic acid content.
Primary Sources: Sunflower seeds (3.3 mg.), kidney bean sprouts, mushrooms, millet, DGLVs (collards = .38 mg., broccoli = .31 mg.), dried beans and peas, amaranth, and lamb's-quarters.