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having lost your job

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Three main issues were tackled: the fabrication of charges for labour leaders; the issue of laid-off journalists; and legal insights into the recent decision by the High Administrative Courtto force striking workers into retirement as well as the new Civil Service Law.
Hoping to boost participation and stem the rising number of Americans without health insurance, the federal government kicked off a stimulus funding program that picks up 65 percent of the cost for most laid-off workers and their families.
Even with the subsidy, though, many laid-off workers are still likely to have trouble keeping their health care coverage, local Teamsters representative Stefan Ostrach said.
In addition to releasing funds, the President directed the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to immediately draw up guidelines to speed up the implementation of the assistance programme for the laid-off OFWs.
Shame hangs heavy over the economic landscape: the shame of the newly laid-off, the shame of the chronically poor.
Because these companies' sales orders and profit margins never fully recovered (and many of the workers' jobs were automated), they never recalled most of their laid-off workers to their former positions.
At press time, however, all of the laid-off employees had yet to be paid, leaving many in a significant financial hole.
The Partial Claims Program allows employers to keep trained staff partially employed during slow business times and allows temporarily laid-off employees to receive partial UI benefits.
Under an arbitration ruling last year, the carrier must recall the laid-off pilots once passenger volumes return to the level of before the 11 September attacks.
Around 2 5 of the laid-off workers are shore staff at Holyhead.
For payments made to workers involuntarily terminated, the court concluded that the laid-off employees were not performing any service for the employer.
In the areas that have declined the most, however, the laid-off have little to lose, and resentment is fueled by the holier that enterprises can't pay benefits because of managerial and official corruption.
Fourth, layoffs often improve not only the fortunes of the downsizing company but also those of the laid-off employees, and of the economy at large.
"You don't want to refer to the laid-off people as the only people affected by layoffs, because everybody is affected," asserts Joel Brockher.
While these techniques may seem self-evident, they can be incredibly important to the recovery of those laid-off and the ultimate health of the firm.