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The present study is the first in their type that includes data about population changes in a long term for the highest extinction treat lagomorph species, L.
The negative relationship between rainfall and persistence is consistent with another study on lagomorphs (Iborra & Lumaret 1997).
The droppings were collected separately for geese, hares, rabbits, and unidentified lagomorphs.
He applied this identification scheme to lagomorph material from 18 paleontological and archaeological deposits in central Texas.
However, others have suggested that bobcats are selective foragers on lagomorphs (Delibes et al.
The primary prey of coyotes on the JER during the study appeared to be lagomorphs and rodents based on our cursory examination of coyote feces on the area.
Bones of lagomorphs were pooled together from a given collection period (i.
atrox has a head-size that allows it to overcome constraints of its gape, its capacity to subdue and ingest large prey like a lagomorph is probably restricted by mass rather than body size of prey (Greene, 1983).
Mowing lawns is believed to be a risk factor for acquiring tularemia (caused by Francisella tularensis) in disease-endemic areas where lagomorph reservoirs may be killed by mowers or hedge trimmers (17).
DNA was extracted from lagomorph bone marrow and flies by using the QIAamp DNA MiniKit (QIAGEN, Valencia, CA, USA) and tested with real-time PCR F.
A total of 2,121 small mammals, including 2,100 rodents, 20 shrews, and 1 lagomorph, were evaluated for exposure to and infection with A.
Comparison of 2 methods to estimate density of an endangered lagomorph.
Type B infections were most often associated with exposure to rodents (33%, 6/18) or cats (22%, 4/18); none were linked to lagomorph exposure.
In all, we identified 112 individual prey in the pooled samples of pellets and remains including 5 species of rodents, 1 species of lagomorph, 10 species of birds, 1 species of snake, 1 species of lizard, and 1 order of insect.