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a small gift (especially one given by a merchant to a customer who makes a purchase)

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doing business as Rx30, has completed the acquisition of Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, the company said.
Five Monroe LA FMs owned by Lagniappe Broadcasting have signed up for SpotVA & ExpressVO service.
That's ten novels, but for lagniappe let me include a reference book that to my mind is one of the most significant books on crime fiction in the past decade.
DeHaven; CONFESSIONS OF A SELF-HELP WRITER; Lagniappe Publishing (Fiction: Humor) 22.
Alabama is not stereotypically stupid, but it's also not the most tech-savvy, by any means," Ashley Toland-Trice, co-publisher of Lagniappe in Mobile, Ala.
A large number of entries are included for football, with significant space also allotted to baseball and men's basketball, and a handful of entries each for women's basketball, boxing, horse racing, golf, track/field, and lagniappe.
would provide each of the 6 anglers aboard their two-fish snapper limit, plus a grouper or two as lagniappe, or bonus.
The lagniappe, which makes it fully the equal of M37, is NGC 2158, a distant cluster located a degree to the west.
30, New Orleans: Lagniappe Lecture: "The B-17 Flying Fortress.
The solution to this problem is for corporate law to impose on directors the duty to protect the bargained-for expectations of preferred stockholders by somehow identifying the extra value--the lagniappe in more savory terms--that preferred stockholders should receive over common stockholders.
The bar is the best perch, though, both for the opportunity to strike up new acquaintances and for the bowls of premium mixed nuts placed at strategic intervals, a nice retro bit of lagniappe.
amp; Lagniappe presentation of a Sailor Bear, Parts & Labor, Primary Prods.
Although it is ostensibly aimed at general music teachers, any book title that puts "creativity" and any form of "music" in the title has my immediate attention, and adding "technology" for lagniappe makes it a trifecta.
30, the New Orleans boutique hotel is offering the Summer of Lagniappe Package, perfect for guests who truly want to discover the intricate charm of this vibrant southern city.
A favorite destination on the expo floor is our lagniappe to you.