lager beer

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a general term for beer made with bottom fermenting yeast (usually by decoction mashing)

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Interestingly, they have found a ready platform in the Goldberg lager beer, a brand whose essence typifies cultural edification in all ramifications.
A fine lager beer, right down the middle," said restaurateur Frank Whitman.
Since lager beer had to be brewed at lower temperatures, huge ice houses were constructed to hold the giant blocks of ice that would be harvested from lakes and rivers throughout the winter months, packed in straw in the ice houses and used to keep the beer cool through the warmer months.
reportedly plans to launch Budweiser American Ale, a darker, richer version of Budweiser lager beer.
Revellers are gearing up for the celebrations, complete with an oompah disco and the Slaughterhouse brewery has launched a Bavarian-style lager beer, named Hogtoberfest.
The Brasserie Black Door at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle has commissioned Wylam Brewery to create a Black Door Lager Beer to mark the opening of the company's new venture, which opened earlier this month.
Unlike lager beer, real ale contains live yeast and continues to improve in the cellar.
Heineken scrapped its UK brands, Heineken Cold Filtered and Heineken Export, in February 2003 and started importing its traditional Dutch-brewed lager beer into the British market.
While stouts and ales have made a comeback and become an essential part of most bar and restaurant beer lists, it's lager beer that drives the big brew engine.
They have launched their campaign in protest at brewer Carlsberg-Tetley's closure of the Wrexham Lager Beer Company in April 2000 - and what they see as the company's subsequent failure to sell the site on.
Fellow dancer and close friend Ethan Stiefel did one better by also offering Gardner a Foster's Lager beer.
This is then added to the lager beer, producing a beer with a slightly higher alcohol content than regular beer.
com/research/e39bea/indian_beer_market) has announced the addition of the "Indian Beer Market Outlook to 2015 - Strong Lager Beer Driving the Demand" report to their offering.
of Lewiston, ME, will soon introduce Tarnation, Baxter's first lager beer, brewed in the style of the "steam" beers of 19th-century California.
The 23-year-old singer requested two bottles of the "very best quality red wine" and 12 bottles of "best quality European lager beer.