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a heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench


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These are usually driven by a small, top-mounted gasoline engine, and are either controlled by a hand-held, horizontal "T-bar" or anchored to the pavement with lag bolts or a vacuum mechanism.
Now you can flip the assembly over, put it on sawhorses and, using lag bolts, secure the rim sides to the four comers of the bottom rim with drywall screws (don't forget the glue).
Place a lag bolt into the pole above the winch at about shoulder height, cut the cable dangling from the side of lb now high in the air, and put a loop in the end so that it may slip over the lag bolt.
Use washers, and countersink the washers and the lag bolt heads.
In addition to cameras, extra SD cards and brush nippers, it contains the boxes, lag bolts, padlocks and a cordless screwdriver with a socket.
A preliminary investigation shows that Union Pacific had failed to maintain its track and equipment, resulting in multiple broken and sheared lag bolts, movement in the rail or track structure and/or uneven rail wear.
MATERIALS LIST 4 20' sections of old galvanized steel irrigation pipe 2 mobile home axles with wheels Treated wood of various lengths and quantities: 2" x 2", 2" x 4", 2" x 6", 2" x 8" and 4" x 4" 10 sheets 4'x8'x1/2" treated plywood 3 sheets 4'x8'x 3/4" treated plywood for floor Lag bolts Rolled roofing material and roofing nails Plastic 3" diameter PVC for gun rest Door hinges Door latch 1 gallon of Sherwin Williams Greenbriar Exterior WoodScapes paint 2 sections 4" x 4"x 8' angle iron 2 sections 4" x 4" x 10' angle iron 4 irrigation pipe rail-support pads adjusted to water depth with steel plate feet (welded) Total cost: $1,000
For the latter, simply attach the receiver with lag bolts and you'll be sitting level at all times.
We drilled three holes: one in the middle to accept the hangar bolt and one at each corner to accept lag bolts.
It also has the capability to remove staples, brads, lag bolts and other fasteners.
Brass screws are classier than deck screws and lag bolts, but you need to be careful.
Memo to folks who do this: be sure to get an air gun to install and remove the lag bolts used to attach the angle iron lifting brackets.
If you can bolt it to the floor with lag bolts and lead anchors, so much the better.
Low speed offers great power for driving lag bolts, big wood screws, working on machinery with a socket adapter, drilling with a hole saw and other high torque, low speed applications.