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10] analyses adjusting for mean temperature over a 0-10 day lag using exposure-response and lag-response curves according to Gasparrini et al.
We model the returns of equities and CDS in a standard bivariate vector autoregression (VAR) system of lag order k:
Radiographs showed displacement of the fracture and intrapelvic migration of the lag screw through the femoral head and the medial wall of the acetabulum.
Les LAG comprennent, mais sans s'y limiter: l'eau et autres boissons, soupes, sirops, confitures, ragouts, sauces et pates, plats en sauce ou a teneur elevee en liquide, cremes, lotions, cosmetiques, huiles, parfums, produits en atomiseur, gels, y compris gels coiffants et gels douche, contenu de recipients sous pression, y compris mousse a raser, autres mousses et desodorisants, pates, y compris dentifrice, composes liquides-solides, rimmel, brillant a levres, baume pour les levres et tout autre article de consistance semblable.
The distributed lag plays vital role in determining the value of dependent variable at time.
El lag adquiere importancia en el diagnostico de las disfunciones acomodativas y binoculares no estrabicas (Scheimann y Wick, 2002): cuando es muy alto, indica que hay una menor respuesta de acomodacion, propia de la insuficiencia acomodativa; mientras que si existe mayor respuesta (lead), es una senal de que se hace mas acomodacion de la que se necesita, lo que es un signo del exceso acomodativo.
Mayer (1967) criticizes the analyses presented by Friedman as it overestimates the variance of lag.
Because individual lag exclusion tests give mixed results, we proceed with joint tests on lag exclusion in Table 5.
First, it is shown that under quantity competition, given a number of firms, Abreu's stick-and-carrot punishment fails to restore cooperation for a sufficient large detection lag.
For a diplomat, jet lag can pose problems beyond biological effects.
Jet lag is something I learned to manage for my health, productivity and sanity," says Stephanie Hackney, who has traveled to 43 countries as a travel blogger.
While previous studies have shown that head lag indicates developmental delays in children with cerebral palsy and preterm infants, postural control in infants at risk for ASD had not been examined.
The magnitude of the AB effect is known to vary as a function of the temporal lag between the two targets.
However, this exponential growth phase is preceded by a lag phase, when no increase in cell number occurs.
However, there are numerous market frictions cited in the literature which can cause prices in one market to lead or lag the other market.