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The stories in Ladykiller all feature characters who are spiralling downward, though the speed and distance, the likelihood of them overcoming that momentum, varies from case to case.
In the 1950s he played opposite Alec Guinness and Sellers in The Ladykillers and opposite Robert Mitchum and Rita Hayworth in Fire Down Below.
Think back to remakes like Get Carter (where a woefully-bad Sly Stallone took the lead), the pointless Psycho rehash or the rubbish updating of The Ladykillers and things don't look too good for this new version of the 1966 tale.
No sooner do we have a pop at him than he suddenly transforms himself into the biggest ladykiller in the history of Carrigstown.
Via her new assignment at an upstate casino, she has ample opportunity to encounter suspicious characters, including Nolte's windbag politician, Dermot Mulroney's klutzy ladykiller, Nathan Lane's ex-con entertainer and two women of fluid morals and uncertain self-worth, played by Lesley Ann Warren and Brittany Murphy.
What a pity Andrew Scarborough played Harvey as more like a child molester than a ladykiller.
LITTLE Britain's least likely ladykiller, David Walliams, is apparently at it again with a saucy young blonde vixen.
LEGGY Penny Lancaster was a photography student when she met legendary ladykiller Rod Stewart.
Requests to interview the controversial director have far exceeded those made for the likes of Troy boys Pitt and Bloom or Ladykiller Tom Hanks.
The veteran actor, who starred as the original ladykiller Alfie in 1966, says he is happy for a new version of the film to be made but he doesn't want any part in it.
HE'S better known as a ladykiller, but Enrique Iglesias plays a cold- blooded killer in his film debut.
Tania said the new style and his TV stardom would make him a ladykiller.
record shop, the ladykiller creates a harem of vampire vixens.
This time, Shaun Williamson, big Barry from EastEnders, will be strutting his stuff as the sleazy ladykiller DJ Monty.
THEATRE The Ladykillers Award-winning Centenary Theatre Company presents The Ladykillers, by Graham Linehan, at The Brindley.