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Even before famous affairs with Kylie and Helena Christensen, he was a lady-killer with a huge appetite for sex.
Then, as the tension mounted, he lived up to his dad Julio's reputation as a lady-killer and sealed the song with a snog.
This time, three dysfunctional men (wimpy husband Aaron Eckhart, weaselly adulterer Ben Stiller and misogynist lady-killer Jason Patric) match up against three unsatisfied women (impatient wife Amy Brenneman, tart-tongued emotional sadist Catherine Keener, just plain tarty bisexual Nastassja Kinski).
Italian lady-killer Frankie Dettori goes for a record third straight victory on hot favourite Pricket in today's fillies classic.
Fearless mum-in-law Wendy, 64, corrected the Hollywood lady-killer and he turned his attention to her.
Friends believe the 32-year-old lady-killer may finally have met his match with Rebecca, daughter of famed playwright Arthur Miller.
Lady-killer Jack, who will be 71 in April, is rumoured to have bedded 2,000 women.
Steve, who has a reputation as a lady-killer, has already worked his charm on previous guests, including Bond babe Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson and Charmed's Rose McGowan.
From silver star pendants, to gilt hoop bracelets - the look is lady-killer chic.
On-screen lady-killer McGregor revealed he now reads new scripts to wife Eve to make sure she has no objections.
The kilted lady-killer is now considered something of a TV star
Now Bond may be a debonair, lady-killer but he's also the kind of figure millions of us less-assured oiks can identify with.
At first narrator Kirsty Wark suggested that his reputation as a lady-killer served as a decoy for his interest in boys.
He's played a murderer, a kidnapper and now Jonathan Wrather is to be a lady-killer, after beating former Boyzone star Keith Duffy to the role of ex-con Joe Carter in Coronation Street.
The grunge star was holed up in a Beverly Hills hotel with lady-killer Crowe after the Golden Globe Awards in January.