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a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved

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There are rumours he has a lady friend NEIGHBOUR ON THE RECLUSIVE THOMAS
Once in a while the aforementioned lady friend sworn enemy of clutter, real or imagined--will stroll into my den (where the bulk of the inventory resides), glance around and declare, "You need to get rid of some of this
I'll go with Jon and his wife Louise and my new lady friend Kath Gibbs.
The actor then snuggled up to his lady friend in a corner, but was later pictured partying with Paris and her friends.
Hoping to please a lady friend and get some much needed rest, he embarks on a journey into nature.
Byline: We have this lady friend who was never free to come on an outing with the rest of the 'gang'.
Her red frilly flamenco-style off-the-shoulder blouse (thank you to a lady friend for helping with the right fashion terminology there
Contrast this to a more recent experience of a large Midlands hospital, in which an elderly lady friend of my wife and me, had a successful hip replacement.
The title not only denotes the author's predilection but also refers to a lady friend who accompanies him--down from Canada's west coast, across the American Northwest, and as far east as New York State--on an odyssey through the countryside, visiting three Major League parks as well as many small, smaller, and even smaller baseball venues.
Pavel used his headsets to impress chicks as well, taking a lady friend on a walk in the forest for one of the early test drives of his new invention.
So next time he tries to hustle you off to bed, tell him you'll go after a bit of conversation with his lady friend.
But I also can't wait to see a special lady friend who I know would have been voting for us and supporting us.
The novel begins when our protagonist Cyrus Bull agrees to be interviewed by a young reporter, Chad Howell, who turns out to be the son of a former lady friend of Bull, with whom he had shared many an intimate moment.
Living a relatively safe and uncomplicated life with his lady friend Bonnie and his two children, Jesus and Feather, Easy agrees to help an old friend find his missing son--and, with that promise, so much for the safe life.
Some years ago, in the dark days before my marriage, I remember this beach coming between myself and a lady friend of mine at the time.