lady's man

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Synonyms for lady's man

a man amorously attentive to women

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I tell you what it is, young women,' said Mr Dennis, 'I an't much of a lady's man myself, nor am I a party in the present business further than lending a willing hand to my friends: but if I see much more of this here sort of thing, I shall become a principal instead of a accessory.
For some time he was quite general in his attentions to the fair sex, combining the gallantries of a lady's man with a severity of criticism on the person and manners of absent belles, which tended rather to stimulate in the feminine breast the desire to conquer the approval of so fastidious a judge.
Moore had advised a woman not to date Brown at the behest of friends, who were concerned about Brown's reputation as a lady's man.
Blake shows us Custer the prankster, Custer the dandy and lady's man, the patriot and ruthless martinet, who could be solicitous for a pet mouse named Alf, and Custer the admirer of the ``inscrutable'' Indians he was determined to subdue.