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Other workshop participants who have gone on to publish include Michele Andrea Bowen, author of Church Folk and Second Sunday (both by Walk Worthy Press), Carol Parrott Blue, author of The Dawn at My Back (University of Texas Press), and Anita Diggs, whose books include Mighty Love and A Meeting in the Ladies' Room (both from Dafina).
At a hearing on her application for workers's compensation benefits, the nurse alleged that she left the conference room during the middle of a presentation to go to the ladies' room.
Israeli filmmaker Anat Zuria examines women's experiences with Jewish cleansing rites in Purity, while acclaimed Iranian actor Mahnaz Afzali's The Ladies' Room presents a raw and thoroughly engaging peek inside a women's washroom populated by junkies, prostitutes and runaways.
The explosion went off in the ladies' room on the ground floor of the three-story building around 1:05 p.
The prospect of an investigator's coming in to establish my female bona fides evoked the image of a burly guard out of a 1950s Women's House of Detention movie marching me into the ladies' room and demanding to see the cut of my undergarments.
Almost 30% of breastfeeding working mothers had to use places such as the ladies' room to express milk.
The Lady of the Night' takes place in the ladies' room of the White Eagle Tavern in north Portland, where a contemporary lady of the night meets the ghost of one from the war years.
Carrying a tape recorder, Lara gamely followed the first lady and an aide into the ladies' room.
She uses only the men's bathroom because she's had too many fights with women who thought she was a Peeping Tom in the ladies' room.
Of course, I haven't seen what they're doing in the ladies' room.
Once I was queuing for the loo in a department store when a lady coming out of a cubicle told me there was another ladies' room elsewhere in the building if I didn't want to queue.
When Mrs Tripp went to the ladies' room, Ms Lewinsky searched her handbag for a tape recorder, he claimed.
This seemed to infuriate Goldie and she ran to the ladies' room.
Occasionally she goes into the ladies' room to do her taping, but she also does taping at the table as well.
Two mothers escorted me and Bridget out and took her into the ladies' room and cleaned her up.