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Synonyms for lacy

Synonyms for lacy

made of or resembling lace


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having open interstices or resembling a web

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By the time Lacy pulled over, he was driving so quickly sparks were seen flying underneath it.
Mr Lacy had also served as a director of Ocwen Financial Corp, IMX Exchange, Inc.
Calzaghe has reigned as WBO champion for nine years but until Lacy came along he had become increasingly frustrated as attempts to line up other unification bouts came to nothing.
I probably have to go for Lacy tonight," said Reid, who slipped out of the world top ten following his stoppage defeat to the Florida stylist last year.
The relentless 28-year-old Lacy is also unbeaten in his 21 paid contests and was persuaded to come over to the UK such is the career defining nature of Sunday morning's fight.
But Lacy questioned Calzaghe's motives and has lit the blue touch paper for the Manchester match-up.
Calzaghe will be keeping close tabs on the outcome, with promoter Frank Warren still hopeful of persuading a victorious Lacy to honour a contract stipulating February 4 as a fallback date for the long-awaited clash between the two unbeaten 12-stoners.
In the fall of 1863, Union troops, on the way to a standoff at Mine Run, stopped at Ellwood and ransacked the fine Lacy library (the Lacy family owned the house after Jones' daughter Betty married J.
Nonetheless, in a 15-minute videotape sent to managers last week, Lacy urged Sears shareholder-employees to vote "yes" on the merger, saying the new company would result in a stronger, more viable retailer in the market.
Sam Lacy, the sports editor and columnist for The Afro-American Newspapers in Baltimore and Washington who died May 8 at the age of 99 in the nation's capital, played a vital role in the integration of Major League Baseball and spent much of his nearly 70-year career in journalism writing about the struggles and triumphs of minority athletes.
Shareholders in Black Country engineer Hill & Smith will be voting on Friday over whether to approve the company's pounds 70 million takeover of local rival Ash & Lacy.
Lacy, age 67, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FinishMaster, Inc.
The victim had been in the house with his girlfriend, their seven month-old baby and his mother when their Saltburn house came under attack by Scott Lacy.
Following the broadcast of the much-awaited final episode of "Bachelor in Paradise," the engaged couple Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul confirmed being engaged and spilled the beans about their life after the show.