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any of the lymphatic vessels that convey chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic duct

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The present result reveal that the consumption of diet containing lyophilized bovine colostrum improved superoxide dismutase activity in the gut of juvenile pacu, an omnivorous fish, indicating a possible protective action of this lacteal secretion.
coli plus Luria broth (LB) (one sachet of lacteal fort added to 500 ml of water daily) group; S.
In detail, these effects included: neat arrangement of liver cells from the central vein towards the surrounding region as the control, reduced intercellular cleft, clear cell boundary, dense arrangement of columnar cells in the intestinal villi, reduced villi fracture, and central lacteal dispersion.
A contemporary description reads, "To the construction of this monster 10,000 cows have contributed their lacteal bounty," and "the mice of the universe might nibble (on the cheese) for years without making a material impression.
A Food Safety Team was developed and was responsible for planning and executing the Food Safety Management System requirements with the following scope of: Manufacturing and distributing Dairy & Juice products, manufacturing products under Private Labeling/ Brand Name and Rearing Healthy Cattle and Camels for Production of whole fresh clean lacteal secretion, which is practically free from Colostrum or mastitic milk.
Segmental enteritis was indicated by segmental disappearance of intestinal lacteal caused by malabsorption in affected intestinal parts (Figure 1, panels C and D).
Many of these beneficial effects are the result, at least partially, of secretory IgA, which is the major immunoglobulin isotype in human lacteal secretions, and to other immunologically active components such as antimicrobial factors, cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors.
As illustrated in Figure 2-3b, instead of being picked up in the blood circulation serving the villus, these products of fat digestion enter a lacteal within the villus.
The presence and antifeedant function of toxin producing secretory cells on hyphae of the lawn-inhabiting agaric Conocybe lacteal.
813987 Vitamin preparations; food for babies, namely lacteal flours, soups, dehydrated soups, milk, powdered milk, fruit compotes, vegetable purees, dehydrated vegetable purees, fruit and vegetable juices, baby's cereals; all included in Class 5.
Like the embryo or fetus thought to be nourished in the womb by the blood of its mother, otherwise shed during menstruation, breastfeeding babes were thought to feed upon their nurses' blood, which was channeled from the womb to the breast by means of a lacteal duct known as the vasa menstrualis.
A shoulder-strapless nursing pad assembly suitable for absorbing lacteal fluid was patented.
NMPF defines milk as "the lacteal secretion [ldots] of one or more healthy cows.
Distribition of antibodies to rotavirus in serum and lacteal secretions of naturally infected swine an their suckling pigs.