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Synonyms for lactate

a salt or ester of lactic acid

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As we know, during power exercises like sprinting, when the rate of demand for energy is high, glucose is broken down and oxidized, and lactate is produced faster than muscle tissues can remove it, so lactate concentration begins to rise.
So lactate production can be a confusing area of biochemistry that runners and other regular exercisers nevertheless feel compelled to understand or at the very least pay better attention to, because it has a direct effect on training.
Chromium was selected because this metal was detected at higher concentrations in the undiluted sodium lactate solution.
According to USDA, it is the "sole responsibility of the manufacturing plant to provide documentation that the lactate serves the purpose intended in the product" and test the finished consumer-ready package according to "their own testing frequency" using their own lab if available (personal communication, Technical Service Center Staff Officer, Food Safety and Inspection Service Technical Service Center, USDA, July 21, 2008).
Response surface methodology was used to determine the best concentrations and combination of lactates and diacetate that would inhibit listerial growth.
Since lactates and diacetates together have not provided enhanced safety over time, other hurdle technologies need to be investigated to obtain minimum detectable levels of these pathogens.
The aim of the present study was to compare lactate removal during active recovery performed during cycling in water immersion (CW) and during cycling on land (CL), after a similar exercise bout in male adults.
Lactate is an important metabolite in the re synthesis of ATP, and its removal may be a way to regain energy substratum (Robergs et al.
According to Purac executives, lactic acid and lactates, natural constituents of the human skin, can have positive effects on the skin.
Lactic acid and lactates are also applicable to formulations such as toilet cleaners, all-purpose and bathroom cleaners, wet wipes and manual dishwashing products.
Now, many meat manufacturers around the world have recognized sodium and potassium lactates as an effective additional hurdle against the growth of contamination flora and pathogens such as salmonella, Listeria, E.
At a recent SPE RETEC in Atlanta on improving the marketability of recycled plastics, Yatco showed how lactates can reduce yellowing and increase color stability in HDPE, LLDPE and PP.
0 percent, followed by benzoates and lactates with shares of 22.
This agreement enables Ashland to supply its customers with electronics-grade ethyl lactate derived from Cargill Dow's proprietary technology.
This is in part since lactate entry rates into the blood are hard to discern from anaerobic activity, as high intensities and workloads typically slow lactate's entry into the vasculature and evoke peak values long after exercise cessation [3,7].