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Synonyms for lactate

a salt or ester of lactic acid

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4) have suggested the identification of a HRV threshold by using time domain indexes (standard deviation - SD and mean successive difference - MSD), which may match lactate and ventilatory thresholds during maximal incremental cycling test.
With this background, we conducted our study to determine the role of blood lactate level and core-peripheral temperature as early predictors of outcome and mortality in children with dengue.
The researchers decided to examine whether genetically diminishing the entry of pyruvate into the mitochondria would force hair follicle stem cells to make more lactate, and if that would activate the cells and grow hair more quickly.
2 days, and sodium lactate delayed microbial growth by 6 days, compared to the control.
Material and Methods: Ninety eight consecutive patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) on CPB were divided in two groups according to lactate levels at the time of re-warming on CPB, group A with lactate 4mmo/L.
The authors demonstrated mathematically, based on effort and recovery time/lactate curve that the point of lactate appearance and disappearance rates was equal and this was the same as the Individual Anaerobic Threshold (IAT).
The aim of this study was to detect the prognostic value of RDW and lactate for the patients admitted to emergency services and those in CCUs and to compare them with regard to scoring systems.
Pyruvate can enter 3 alternative metabolic pathways: 1) the mitochondrial Krebs cycle, 2) conversion to lactate in the cell cytosol, or 3) conversion back to glucose in the process of gluconeogenesis.
Lactic acid does not exist as such in the body, it exists as lactate at physiological pH and when the lactic acid concentration is measured in blood when a lactate threshold is reached in an athlete.
The Chem-Phys patch records electrocardiogram heart signals and tracks levels of lactate, a biochemical that is a marker of physical effort, in real time.
We aimed to demonstrate mitochondrial dysfunction in ALS using a lactate stress test and to examine the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction with motor deterioration.
2006b) and blood lactate concentration can be considered as an indicator of fatigue (Bertuzzi et al.
Clinical profile eg and biochemical investigation including liver and renal function tests, coagulation profile, serum electrolytes and serum lactate levels were recorded on a predesigned questionnaire.
During the short term workout with high intensity, the different metabolites such as adenosine di phosphate, non-organic phosphate, lactate and internal hydrogen ions can be accumulated into the muscles.