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terseness of expression


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With a comparable historical laconism, this video shows a replica of Morris's rectangular wooden plinth standing vertically for exactly three and a half minutes before it is abruptly jerked to the horizontal with the tug of a string, its pale gray planes at the same time cast into deep shadow.
The only criterion of its laconism and authenticity is the ability to guide us toward "a state of total clarity where the eye, the mind and the physical body are at ease, where nothing jars or distracts." (John Pawson (4)) Observation, contemplation, listening silently to form, light and shadow, I think, will after a while lead to meditation.
We quickly learned that the laconism hid no new information.
In order to achieve this challenge to heteropatriarchy, Bolereo exploits the "discordant emotions" that Perez Firmat sees as crucial to the genre of the Bolero: Not only does the Bolero's wordiness contrast with the mambo's laconism; the genres also serve as vehicles for discordant emotions.
Another, aesthetic, argument could be made that this laconism expresses a narrative distance which mirrors the beginning of the epic, where the audience "sees" Gilgamesh from afar: he is the king, mighty, inaccessible above all others, free to act as he chooses.
The second, three months later, notes the "second-thought" phenomenon generated by the film: "Since it seems to be customary to have second thoughts on Bonnie and Clyde, here are mine." Unlike other reviewers, Simon does not wish to change his position; he does, however, feel compelled to amplify his earlier views, which he feels were stated with "excessive laconism" (30).
In a remarkable appearance at the Congress of Writers in 1934, Babel gave a wry speech in which, with multiple layers of irony, he praised the Soviet regime for having deprived writers of the right to write badly; commenting on his lack of publications in recent years, he also claimed to have mastered "the genre of silence." It was as if his own laconism had merely been taken a step further.