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Synonyms for lacking

Synonyms for lacking

lacking an essential element

deficient in a usual or needed amount

not having a desirable element

Synonyms for lacking

inadequate in amount or degree


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Lord Illingworth is, of course, a very brilliant man, but he seems to me to be lacking in that fine faith in the nobility and purity of life which is so important in this century.
On the other hand, I must plead, for I have an affectionate partiality towards the rector's memory, that he was not vindictive--and some philanthropists have been so; that he was not intolerant--and there is a rumour that some zealous theologians have not been altogether free from that blemish; that although he would probably have declined to give his body to be burned in any public cause, and was far from bestowing all his goods to feed the poor, he had that charity which has sometimes been lacking to very illustrious virtue--he was tender to other men's failings, and unwilling to impute evil.
Then said the slayer of Argus, guide and guardian, "Sir, all that you have said is right; but tell me and tell me true, are you taking this rich treasure to send it to a foreign people where it may be safe, or are you all leaving strong Ilius in dismay now that your son has fallen who was the bravest man among you and was never lacking in battle with the Achaeans?
And Jerry, lacking articulate speech, had no way of telling him of the thirst of which he was perishing.
Harding was a gentle, sad-eyed woman, lacking a left foot.
I infer, then," said Rosser, gravely, "that a lady lacking the moral advantage of a nose would find the struggle to become Mrs.
Only the fetter for the thousand necks is still lacking; there is lacking the one goal.
But pray tell me, my brethren, if the goal of humanity be still lacking, is there not also still lacking--humanity itself?
These traits include being superficial, acting grandiosely, lying frequently, showing no remorse, lacking empathy, refusing to accept responsibility for misdeeds, behaving impulsively, and having committed many crimes.
This Sunday's readings speak these words to us, naming our own lacking.
The prevalence of mental illness represents a challenge to the Iraqi health system, since <100 psychiatrists are reported to practice in the country, and therapeutic medications and social support systems are lacking.
Without self-awareness, a person has an 83% chance of lacking social awareness.
Recently, studies have shown that a diet lacking fruits and vegetables can cause wrinkling.
There is no shortage of policy options available for controlling this illegal activity, but what is still lacking in most cases is the political will to carry them out.
The report painted a picture of a facilities division lacking basic checks and balances to ensure consultants are doing their job for the hours they are billing the district.