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Synonyms for lackey

Synonyms for lackey

a male servant (especially a footman)

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a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

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The board of directors Georgia Power announced on Tuesday the appointment of Meredith Lackey as its general counsel, senior vice president, corporate secretary as well as its chief compliance officer.
I was sitting on my couch in Texas, watching Arizona and New York," Lackey laughed.
Lackey was knocked around for seven runs in his shortest outing since September 2011, and Boston was routed, 12-3, by Seattle.
Another reason why the Red Sox won't trade Lackey anytime soon is his team-friendly contract with a $15.
A clearly relieved Mr Lackey added: "It was a very powerful aircraft and the noise was quite terrific because of the engine and the wind.
During the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis LT Lackey served as the Senior Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer to U.
He said Lackey, from Ulverston, in Cumbria, had put forward an "impertinent defence".
Librarians who have junior high and high school fans of Valdemar will want to add this to their Lackey collection.
The principles Lackey introduces apply to a variety of situations.
Lackey is a senior running back at Texarkana High School who has spent the past two seasons at fullback in almost anonymity for coach Bill Keopple's Razorbacks.
Lackey then told her he was on the verge of completing a deal that would net him pounds 155,439.
Later that night, police received information that a wounded man, Andrew Lackey, was at a hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to the chest.
This has not deterred Melinda Lackey and Carlos Monteagudo from charting a vision to create widespread economic well-being in this incredibly diverse, powerful and poverty-stricken city.
Eclipsed from view after World War I by his more famous successor, Franz Conrad von Hotzendorf, Lackey attempts to resurrect Beck, whom he labels the "Forgotten Feldzeugmeister.