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The texts with a potential to develop such motifs as death, lachrymation, meditations (often on the frailty of life or its imperfection) or amorous visions and free-to-the-wilds aspirations appealed to Russian translators.
Exposure to butanol liquid or vapour may cause severe eye irritation manifested as a burning sensation, lachrymation, blurring of vision, and photophobia.
This syndrome develops in three stages: during the first stage, 6-48 hours after the initial injury, one observes rapid decrease in size of the thymus, spleen, lymph glands, and liver; disappearance of fat tissue; edema formation, especially in the thymus and loose retroperitoneal connective tissue; accumulation of pleural and peritoneal transudate; loss of muscular tone; fall of body temperature; formation of acute erosions in the digestive tract, particularly in the stomach, small intestine, and appendix; loss of cortical lipoids and chromaffin substances from the adrenals; and sometimes hyperemia of the skin, exophthalmos, [and] increased lachrymation and salivation.
Other side effects include vomiting, headache, lachrymation, rhinorrhea and salivation, profuse sweating, intense pain in the chest and abdomen and anxiety.