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work consisting of (or resembling) lace fabric

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While Lacework identified over 21,000 public cloud interface portals, other than identifying 305 sites with no authentication, no indication was provided as to the overall health of the authentication models used by the identified sites.
When Nicole Mitchell did, her flute rose crisply above the ensemble's sound, a mix of Chicago jazz's windy clatter and the glinting lacework of the Malian musicians.
Sometimes a design shouldn't be scaled or resized--some designs are best stitched in their original size, such as an intricate lacework design or in-the-hoop project.
The premier Precious Lace collection presents a breathtaking glimpse of Harry Winston's artistry, pairing a blue mother-of-pearl dial with yellow mother-of-pearl lacework and 35 marquise-cut diamonds in a radiant design.
Nestled in the Fanes- Senes-Braies nature park and surrounded by a lacework of spires, this is one of Italy's hidden gems.
In one example collected in the 1990s from Mumbai, dozens of cigarette cards representing oriental beauties (Indian, Thai, Burmese, etc.) were arranged in rows and sewn together with ornate lacework to make an interior door curtain.
But the black lacework of redaction throughout these drone docs gives them a sexiness they don't deserve, the concealments due more to compulsive overclassification than the suppression of earthshaking information.
While the Eco Goddess and Ameya Flower Girl Collections come in classic ivory, champagne and cream, and feature traditional beading, lacework, and embellishments, the 2017 collection also pushes the boundaries by adding fashion-forward jumpsuits, suits, and blazers that echo and complement the collection's full-length gowns.
Get your girl's wardrobe ready with intricate lacework, sequins, pleats and ruffles in soft hues including white, pink, beige, mauve and purple.
Silk- like shimmering fabrics and intricate lacework are woven from the finest gold and masterfully embroidered with a profusion of diamonds and other colourful stones to create the lavish necklaces, cuffs and earrings from the new Extremely Piaget collection.
Ten years in the case of Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi's architect-saturated natural island whose name means "place of enlightenment." After much controversy and multiple delays, Jean Nouvel's Louvre Abu Dhabi, known for a lacework dome that lets in what the architect calls a "rain of light," is expected to open in mid- to late 2016.
Designed in line with the latest fashion trends, the collection introduces lacework prints for children (pictured above), miniature checks and diamonds, as well as nautical stripes.
Saab succeeds in pairing bold and graphic prints with feminine lacework, casting a dreamy dimension on his frocks.
Misting is a wonderful place to start when blocking your first piece, but sometimes a light mist of water is not enough encouragement to keep your lacework open once it is dry.