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a torn ragged wound

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the act of lacerating

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PHYSICIAN'S DEFENSE: The ObGyn contended she correctiy diagnosed and repaired a 3rd-degree laceration.
As facial laceration is a very common problem in pediatric population, surgical research continues aiming at cosmetic intactness, decreasing operative/ post operative pain and improving wound healing.
A one and a half year old male German shepherd dog was presented with history of traumatic laceration of left lateral canthus of eye (Fig.
2 mm corneal slit incision, and a foldable intra ocular lens (IOL) was implanted in the bag through the laceration under local anesthesia.
Common carotid artery laceration in a professional hockey player: a case report.
04% Acriflavin), and deeper lacerations were cleaned with isopropyl alcohol but left open to avoid closing in infections.
Attending professors had the responsibility of supervising all complicated cases of laceration directly, or via phone calls in case of outpatient management.
Obstetrical anal sphincter laceration is a known risk factor for AI.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran University researchers discovered that application of polymeric nanofibers heals the body lacerations faster without causing any side effects.
A 30-year-old dancer sustained complete laceration of her extensor hallucis longus and extensor hallucis brevis tendons, and partial laceration of the dorsal aspect of the hallux metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint capsule.
In view of the contained area of neck emphysema, a flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope was used to view the airway and a linear laceration over the posterior wall (membranous) of the trachea, approximately 3 cm in length at 6 cm proximal to the carinal spur, was seen.
FITCHBURG - A 19-year-old city man suffered a laceration on his head when he was pistol-whipped in an altercation on Normandy Road late Wednesday in which a bullet was fired into the side of a taxicab.
is recalling about 167,000 lawn mowers for free repairs due to possible laceration hazards, the U.