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In the case with fracture of the left elbow joint there was an abrasion on the back of left elbow, the upper four ribs on left side were fractured on the back aspect and head showed contusion with lacerated wound on right side.
Classification of ocular affections based on anatomical locations Anatomical Affections location Eyelids Lacerated wound, Blepharospasm, Blepharitis, Neoplasia (Papilloma) Conjunctiva Acute/chronic conjunctivitis (Fig.1), Neoplasia (squamous cell carcinoma - Fig.
Ophthalmic examination revealed lacerated wound over the lateral margin of corneal limbus.
During physical examination, scar was observed on lower eyelid margin as a result of earlier lacerated wound which might be a reason for development of acquired entropion in present case.
(2011) and Nelson (2002) reported that cases survived until surgery was performed as they breathe through the lacerated wound. Fingland et al.
Bilateral corneal laceration: It was diagnosed in a one month old calf showing laceration of cornea and evisceration of iris and haemorrhage was evident through lacerated wound (Fig.
Animal was restrained in lateral recumbency following epidural anaesthesia (2% Lignocaine Hcl; 7 ml) and bladder was evacuated through catheterisation and after that whole prolapse mass washed with Potassium permanganate (1:1000) and large lacerated wound sutured with catgut (No.1.0) then Xylocain jelly (4% Lignocaine Hcl) along with pulv.
On the day of presentation the wound was thoroughly cleaned and a pinch of finely ground Copper sulphate was put deep into the lacerated wound to debride the dead and devitalised tissues and kill the microbes.
The child survived but suffered lacerated wounds to the face and other injuries.
Erfe added that Santillan also sustained seven incisions and lacerated wounds near his buttocks and six puncture wounds.