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Synonyms for lacerated

irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn


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having edges that are jagged from injury

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Injuries: Sacral fractures, fractured ulna, broken humerus, broken pelvis, lacerated right kidney, a lacerated liver, sacral fractures and extraperitoneal bladder rupture
Defense attorney Sam Amirante said his client suffered a lacerated spleen and a lacerated liver.
I lacerated my kidneys because I fell on some rocks.
Mowed down by the terrorist, it left him with two broken legs, numerous head injuries, a lacerated elbow, damaged left shoulder, sternum and a damaged spinal cord, leaving him wheelchair bound.
HAMILTON have revealed that keeper Gary Woods lacerated one of his kidneys during their 2-1 defeat by St Johnstone in Perth on Saturday.
The tongue was lacerated about 2 inches from the tip and cranial to frenulum, transversely involving whole of dorsal and almost half of ventral surfaces of tongue (Fig.1).
* PATIENT'S CLAIM: The gynecologist lacerated the ureter because he did not adequately identify and protect the ureter; this error represented a departure from the standard of care.
"The shark lacerated his leg in three or four places fairly deep," said the mayor.
Stand-off Kurt Gidley missed the last 22 minutes of the Wolves' 12-10 defeat by Hull at Wembley with a lacerated eye and will have scans to see if there is an injury to his eye socket.
Monday, after suffering a deep lacerated wound on top of her head.
He sustained numerous broken bones as well as a punctured lung, lacerated liver, spleen damage and kidney failure, the document states.
A 30-YEAR-OLD stab victim spent a week in hospital recovering from a lacerated liver after a violent robbery at a busy Birmingham nightspot.
After she died, it was discovered that the endangered species had swallowed a shard of a broken DVD case that had lacerated her stomach and prevented her from feeding.
Duffy suffered a lacerated liver in a collision during a practice match with the Republic of Ireland in May 2010 which left him needing emergency surgery.