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a workman who laces shoes or footballs or books (during binding)

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* [empty set] Puncturing eggs: Use a barbeque skewer, turkey lacer, or sharpened nail to pierce the shell.
Burial is usually done in one of two substances, soil or wetwood shavings (Hampton 1999, Lacer 2001).
Lipochip[R] (Lacer SA), the first DNA array-based commercial platform for the genetic diagnosis of FH, is now available and is funded by the Spanish Health Service.
Since the appearance of West Nile virus (WNV) in New York during the 1999 season, communities throughout the United States have initiated or enhanced their arbovirus surveillance programs so that they can monitor and better understand the spread of this emerging infection (Andreadis, Anderson, & Vossbrink, 2001; Blackmore et al., 2003; Gubler et al., 2000; Kent, Lacer, & Meisch, 2003; Lanciotti et al., 1999; Nasci et al., 2001).
* 1) Browning's 8-Inch Hunting Lacer BR60024 is lined with waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex and 1,000-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation with Scent-Lok.
The new Lacer design also introduces an offset drive handle for greater leverage at one end so more of the splice installation passes can be done conveniently with one hand.
Elle s'ennuyait de n'avoir plus a peigner ses cheveux, a lui lacer ses bottines, a la border dans son lit,--et de ne plus voir continuellement sa gentille figure, de ne plus la tenir par la main quand elles sortaient ensemble.
An enhanced cable management section details the company's line of cable managers, trays, lacer strips, and lacer bars.
The ST3O, 60 and 100 Sidetracks are the perfect solution for operating in such applications as food, garment handling, lacer paint and powder coating and plastic component finishing.
The enclosed monorail conveyors--ST30, 60 and 100 Sidetracks are the ideal solution for operating in clean environments such as food and garment handling, lacer and paint processes and plastic component finishing.
Sydney Olympians Tom King, gold medallist in the 470s, and Michael Blackburn, bronze medallist in the Lacer class, will join the crew for the passage south.
When you're selling a high-quality roast pan for that holiday turkey, cross-merchandise it with the roast rack, basting brush, gravy strainer, turkey lacer, instant-read thermometer, recipe book, and interesting ideas on how to prepare a holiday turkey.
The use of a chant dedicated to St Thomas of Canterbury might suggest that the Credo lacer granum was written either for performance at a place of special devotion to St Thomas, for the feast of St Thomas, or for someone whose patron saint was St Thomas.
proclaimed that their corsets were "made of the best and strongest materials"; the loop lacer was said to be "a vast improvement on the old brass eyelets which often corrode and soil the undergarments, and so thin is the lacing as to be hardly perceptible on the finest silk gown."(4) In addition, many underclothes were worn to enhance the S-shape--chemise, corset cover, drawers, a flannel petticoat, and one or more cotton petticoats.