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Synonyms for laced

closed with a lace


edged or streaked with color

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A neater, a more tasteful, a finer, or a more exquisitely laced handkerchief, did not exist within the walls of Paris.
Made responsibly using non-toxic paints and glue, the collection of wooden pieces, beads and fabric shapes can all be laced together to create these charming animals which can be be done over and over, changed and customised.
The NoBow-Shoetie is a small piece of leather-like plastic that is laced into the top of the shoe, allowing the shoe laces to be attached and secured.
Holes produced by the triangular file are automatically elongated, which helps to keep the shells lying flat when laced into place.
Many people could avoid foot aches if they laced their sneakers and shoes properly from the start and always loosened the start and always loosened the ties before slipping a foot in, says Carol Frey of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.