labor pain

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pain and discomfort associated with contractions of the uterus during labor

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The test measured the VAS scores for the (a) total labor pain ("total" meaning both abdominal and lumbar pain) during contraction, (b) continuous total labor pain, (c) lumbar pain during contraction, and (d) continuous lumbar pain in the sitting position (which was significantly lower than in supine position).
The results were limited by the retrospective nature of the study, but the data suggest that neuraxial analgesia can be safely placed in women with varying degrees of labor pain, Dr.
The medical literature was searched using several combinations of the key words "adolescent, obstetric, analgesia, labor pain, pregnancy, regional anesthesia, epidural, and patient preference," and no publications regarding the type of obstetric pain management preferred by adolescents were found.
Eventually, physicians will use the information to plan management of labor pain and progress, she said.
To induce or strengthen labor, in addition to reducing labor pain, use the ankle point acu-point.
He hoped that the pain and suffering witnessed in the Arab world would be labor pain of a new life just being born.
Mothers Rated Epidurals Most Effective for Labor Pain Relief
PCA is a proven method of managing acute postoperative pain, cancer pain and labor pain in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.
Women need full information from the best available evidence on the benefits and risks of labor pain methods so they can weigh their options, get answers to their questions, and clarify their preferences," Corry said.
ITN analgesia had rapid onset in reducing labor pain, but "it proved to be severely time limited," she said.
Using a visual analog scoring system, the researchers found no significant difference in the intensity of labor pain between the two groups both before and after their analgesia was administered.
British researchers have found no significant differences in self-reported low back pain or disability in women who received epidurals and those who got other kinds of labor pain relief.
NAROPIN(TM) is expected to be widely used in managing labor pain during childbirth through the administration of epidural anesthesia.
Epidural analgesia has been available for use since the 1980s, and is used frequently in obstetrics for relief of labor pain.