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pronounce with rounded lips

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[sup.m]b [sup.m][b.sup.w] [sup.n]d [sup.n][d.sup.w] [sup.[eta]]g [sup.[eta]][g.sup.w] nasal m [m.sup.w] n [n.sup.w] [n.sup.j] [eta] [[eta].sup.w] (In Nambakaengo, voiceless stops, prenasalized stops, and nasals may be distinctively labialized, while all voiceless stops, and also the coronal nasal, may be distinctively palatalized.)
In Hopi, there is no labialized counterpart of the voiceless velar nasal.
'run away in fright,' the latter attested as SBI [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Yu Shiingwu, entry 0658), also suggest a link between a labialized initial and final *-ang and the element [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The Standard Igbo consonant inventory comprises 25 plain consonants and 3 labialized velar consonants.
To understand these developments we need to focus not only on the palatalized and labialized finals but also on the so-called "plain" velar finals, which develop quite differently in modern dialects than dental and labial finals.
(13) The sequence ug after o results from the fission of the former labialized stop *g[??].
Since the book under review deals with historical phonetics, special mention should be made of the glottalized or ejective pronunciation of some consonants, of the rounded or labialized consonants, and of the considerable number of palatalized consonants, features that are not known in the other Semitic languages.
The antiquity of these Greek renderings is rather high; they are probably contemporary with the Greek name Bublos going back to Canaanite Gubl-, a form subjected to the early Greek change of labialized velar /|g.sup.w~-/ to labial /b-/.(37)