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a liplike structure that bounds a bodily orifice (especially any of the four labiate folds of a woman's vulva)

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It consists of: a) Excision of the prepuce and glans clitoris, b) This is followed by a longitudinal medial incision or trimming of the margins of the upper (anterior) two thirds of the labia minora, c) The remaining part of the clitoris then becomes sandwiched between the incised or trimmed aspects of the labia minora, d) The two sides of the wound then become stitched to cover the remaining part of the clitoris.
Labia minora reduction in an iron-lung disabled woman.
Additionally, the website covers guidelines for the newest approaches to incisionless laser vaginal rejuvenation, laser labia rejuvenation, laser prepuceplasty, and laser perineoplasty.
Sometimes, this tissue can become enlarged, often in combination with enlarged labia minora, making sexual stimulation more difficult.
The cosmetic surgery for the vagina reduces the size of the woman's labia minora or the inner vaginal lip like structures.
Haefner recalled two patients who requested labial reductions, one of whom had irritation of the labia with exercise and one who had a history of urinary tract infections that may have been associated with her enlarged labia.
Sometimes I perform labia reduction surgery," she said, but only in adult women with serious functional complaints.
A group of Muslim clerics and scholars in Mauritania have declared a fatwa, or religious decree, against the practice of female circumcision, which involves removing part or all of a girl's clitoris and labia, and sometimes narrowing the vaginal opening.
This happened at the insistence of their parents, with one mother even pouring acid into her daughter's vagina as she slept because she'd refused to have her labia cut off.
Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of, or reshape, the labia minora - either for medical or aesthetic reasons - while vaginoplasty "tightens" the vagina, a procedure that is particularly popular among women who have given birth.
The smaller labia minora are more likely to be enlarged, but the labia majora can be affected, too.
She had a normal vaginal opening and labia majora, but no labia minora were present.
A "cosmetic malformation" of the genitals (fused labia and a deformed clitoris) led her family to christen her a boy.
Patented is an external absorbent device comprising: an elongated sanitary napkin portion that absorbs fluids; and an external tampon portion that is fluid absorbent, the external tampon portion having a body comprising fluid-absorbent material, the external tampon portion having an outer surface to come into contact with a labia, and the external tampon portion being movably secured to the sanitary napkin portion to allow movement of the entire external tampon portion relative to and away from the sanitary napkin portion while the sanitary napkin portion is flat and while the external tampon portion is secured to the sanitary napkin portion.